Starting a home business

Advances in technology and a focus on flexible lifestyles have made starting a home business a popular choice for many Queenslanders. To help you decide if this is the right option for you, we recommend that you consider the advantages and disadvantages of running a business from home.

Advantages of home business

  • Lower overheads decrease the financial risk of starting a business.
  • Email and internet communication reduce the need for a shopfront.
  • Your time can be spent working on the business, not commuting to and from work.
  • You can enjoy a flexible lifestyle and spend more time with family.

Disadvantages of home business

  • Council and government regulations can limit your business activities.
  • You may feel isolated working from home with limited interaction with other people.
  • Long or inconsistent hours can lead to strained relationships with family or neighbours.
  • Family and friends can be a distraction, reducing your productivity and motivation.

This guide will help you to understand how to set up and run your home business in Queensland.