Social enterprises in Queensland

Social enterprises are businesses guided by a social purpose. They exist to benefit the public, community and environment rather than just shareholders and owners, reinvesting most of their profits for this purpose.

Social enterprises often employ higher numbers of disadvantaged job seekers than traditional businesses.

Social enterprise industry snapshot

Social enterprises work across almost every industry sector. They include small, medium and large businesses, with most operating as small businesses. Over 60% of social enterprises in Queensland operate in 4 key sectors:

  • Health care and social assistance – 19.2%
  • Administrative and support services – 18.6%
  • Arts and recreational services – 12.0%
  • Accommodation and food services – 12.6%.

Queensland Social Enterprise Strategy

If you operate, or are intending to operate, a social enterprise, you may benefit from actions in the Queensland Social Enterprise Strategy.

The strategy outlines 3 key focus areas of targeted support to address the challenges social enterprises face:

  • building capability and capacity in the sector, including access to financial support
  • making connections across the sector to increase collaboration and promotional opportunities
  • improving market access by linking social enterprises to procurement opportunities.

Find out if your business is eligible to apply for the Social Enterprise Grants Program.

Queensland Social Enterprise Council

The Queensland Government has entered into a $240,000, 2–year agreement with the social enterprise peak body, Queensland Social Enterprise Council (QSEC), to support QSEC to engage and build connections in Queensland’s social enterprise sector to improve knowledge and information sharing.

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