Business and company name

A trusted and clearly identifiable business name can be a valuable asset to your business. Your business name should accurately reflect your business, and clearly convey to potential clients the type of products or services you sell. Ideally, your business name will be memorable.

Registering a business name is not the same as registering a company. Registration or trading with a business name does not create a legal entity (only registering a company creates a legal entity), or allow the privileges to which a company is entitled, such as a corporate tax rate or limited liability.

You don't need to register a business name if you wish to trade under your own name.

Business structure

Consider your business name or company name at the same time as your business structure as these may be connected during the registration. We recommend that you seek professional advice before deciding on your business name and structure.

Learn more about business legal structures.

Business and company name checklist

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