Training staff in privacy issues

You must ensure all employees are aware of their obligations when it comes to protecting information held within the business. If something goes wrong and information is not kept safe, your business may be held responsible.

You should document a privacy policy that outlines:

  • how your business collects data
  • how and where data is stored
  • the circumstances under which data can and cannot be used within the business
  • restrictions on sharing the data with any other party outside the business.

Training staff

Encourage your staff to read and understand the privacy policy. This will help foster a culture of privacy and information management within the business. Include some practical examples of proper and improper data use within your privacy policy, so that employees understand how and when things go wrong.

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A staff training package can include legal advice on privacy from industry professionals. This will be particularly beneficial if your business handles large quantities of customer information, or works in data-heavy industries such as finance.

You should ensure that your staff code of conduct includes privacy and information management practices. Privacy training should also form part of your induction training for all new or returning staff.

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