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Providing your services online

You can provide a wide range of services online. Offering your services online provides opportunities for you to reach more customers, which can help you to grow your business and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Providing services online is an effective way to further engage with your customers. For example, if you operate a restaurant you can put your menu on your website. At the very least, your website should list your contact details, usually both an email address and phone number.

Think about your services and how you interact with your customers to work out what elements of your business could be offered as an online service.

Examples of online services

Bookings systems

Bookings for restaurants or reservations for a hotel can be managed online. Beauticians, hairdressers and other service providers may allow their customers to make appointments online. These systems can work with an online database and diary and reduce scheduling issues. It can also help you keep your customers' details up to date.

Training courses

Courses for training companies can be offered online. This can allow you to sell your products to anyone in the world and they can take your courses at a time convenient to them.

Order tracking

Courier companies can allow customers to track their orders online. This gives customers an idea of how long they need to wait for a delivery, so they can make sure they're home when a delivery is due.

Feedback forms

You can offer online feedback forms for your customers. This can help you recognise problems and improve customer service without losing customers.

Membership management

Businesses such as clubs and gyms can offer customers the option of managing their membership online. Customers may want to make changes to their membership package, check schedules, change their details or check a record of their bookings online.

Online shopping

You may be able to sell your products online. This can help you sell to anyone in the world at any time of the day, increasing your customer base.

Customer relationship management

You can use customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage and improve the relationship you have with your customers.

Including CRM software in your online business can help you:

  • get feedback from your customers on your business
  • find out about your customers purchasing habits and preferences
  • target your marketing more effectively and personalise material
  • improve your customer service and customer satisfaction
  • increase your sales
  • identify what your customers want and need
  • promote additional products to customers based on their preferences.

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