New preferred supplier panel for Business Specialist Panel

The Queensland Government aims to support local businesses and do business with ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible suppliers.

If you're a business specialising in elevating small business base level to support disaster preparedness, you may be interested in this opportunity to supply to Queensland Government.

You can apply for the Small Business Recovery Centre (SBRC) business specialist panel through the QTenders website.

Who can apply

You must demonstrate a real understanding of the support needed for small businesses by clearly outlining how you will deliver a response to the requirements, detailed in the expression of interest (EOI).

The supplier must offer the following content aligned to high-demand skills support areas for targeted user types and be able to tailor the content to meet the user needs:

  • Business
    • Business Marketing
    • Business Operations
    • Business Governance/Risk Management
    • Business Financial Planning
  • Team (Human Resources)
    • Team and Culture
    • Workforce Development
    • Workforce Mental Health
  • Systems
    • Digital Business Resilience
    • Cyber Security
    • Business Systems and Communications
    • Business Digital Solutions.

Proposals should focus on how business skill development will contribute to the improvement of business for small business owners, operators, and employees.

Proposals for specific COVID Safe workshops and coaching sessions (including online delivery and other approaches) may be considered under this EOI.

Applicants will also need to provide reporting and measurements on the success of the professional service provided, including feedback from businesses who have received the service.

Applicants must provide details within their response of how they can operate within the below policies, codes of conduct, standards and procedures.

This includes providing technical information on:

  • confirmation of privacy terms to ensure compliance with Information Privacy Principles and legislation
  • confirmation that personal information collected remains within Australia.

Policies, codes of conduct, standards and policies

The supplier must operate within the following:

How to apply

Use the Small Business Recovery Centre (SBRC) business specialist panel EOI invitation to apply, as published on the QTenders website.

This invitation to apply closes at 3pm on 4 June 2021.


If you have any questions about the preferred supplier panel, send it through QTenders.