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Online training for small business

If your business has been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you can access free online training tailored to small business.

The online training is currently being delivered by 15 providers, in partnership with the Queensland Government, to support you and your employees recover from COVID-19 and enable future growth.

The current providers of free online training are:

  • Adapt Education
  • AiGroup
  • Altura Learning Australia
  • Australian Child Care Career Options (ACCCO)
  • Australian School of Entrepreneurship
  • Cyber Partners Australia
  • Developing Personnel Training & Consultancy
  • Digital Coaching International
  • Ford Health Group
  • GO1
  • Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland
  • National Retail Association
  • Navig8 Biz
  • Online Courses Australia
  • OTrain.

Non-accredited training is available in a wide range of topics including digital literacy, cyber security, strategy and business innovation.

Industries such as aged care, agriculture, tourism, plumbing and retail will soon be able to access non-accredited training specific to their industries.

Access is free to Queensland small businesses and their employees. Registration is required, including details to verify your business or employer.

General business skills training

  • Adapt Education – short courses in digital literacy, business continuity, people management, customer service, marketing, ecommerce, and business management.
  • AiGroup – courses in strategy and planning, growing sales, international business and workplace relations.
  • Australian School of Entrepreneurship – courses that help develop entrepreneurial skills for young people.
  • Cyber Partners Australia – practical, supported coaching and advice around managing cyber risks.
  • Developing Personnel Training & Consultancy – courses on how to venture into and remain in business.
  • Digital Coaching International – introductory, intermediate, and supplementary courses focusing on innovation and digitisation in small business.
  • GO1 Small Business Skills Hub – suite of online courses across multiple areas including foundation business skills, leading a successful business, connecting businesses and customers, and adaption and digital skills.
  • Navig8 – courses aimed at developing sound business foundations to support existing and start-up business owners to grow their business.

Industry or sector-specific training

Multiple industries

  • Online Courses Australia – industry-related short courses including business, travel, tourism and events, human resources, communications, aged care, counselling, training and fitness.

Agriculture and horticulture

  • OTrain – pre-employment awareness and safety training for new and returning employees looking to work in the horticulture and agriculture sectors, including training specific to horticultural operations (fruit and vegetables), agricultural (broadacre and row cropping), packhouse and value add facilities, and citrus picking operations.

Aged, disability and community care

  • Altura Learning Australia – courses designed primarily for front-line employees from personal carers to nurses, who provide care to the elderly and people with a disability.

Building and construction


Healthcare, wellness and mental health

  • Ford Health Group – online, modularised seminars focusing on specific aspects of stress, resilience and positive mental health.


  • National Retail Association – courses to provide retailers and their employees with tactics and information on business and marketing issues in response to COVID-19.

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