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Go Local, Grow Local - video transcript

Watch the 'When you Go Local, you Grow Local' TV commercial which encourages Queenslanders to support small businesses in their community by shopping local.

We open on a small empty street in a regional setting. We focus on just 1 shop on the street - a bakery.

A woman walks to the front door, and goes in.

The baker greets her and she buys a loaf of bread.




Hey, what can I get ya?


The usual thanks.


As she hands over the cash, we see something extraordinary start happening.

The bakery shop expands, and a little café appears inside. The baker hands the coffee and loaf of bread to the woman. New customers appear. New equipment appears.

The woman walks out the front door of the bakery. As she does, we see the bakery transform into 2 stories and shops appear either side.

The woman waves to the butcher putting out a sign on the street. A butchery has just opened down the lane.

Real estate agents walk out of a newly established real estate agency.

The hardware store transforms where an open air space is converted to additional shed storage.

A tradesman walks out of the hardware store with supplies and the hardware stores continues to grow with new signage and façade appearing.

A delivery driver closes his back door and begins to deliver a parcel.

A boutique owner is assisting customers out the front of her growing boutique.

A fruit grocer places a ‘Help Wanted’ sign out the front as her shop grows around her.

More small businesses appear. A park and playground appears.

Gardens pop up. People drive their cars down the street. Eventually, we see a delightful, bustling street has been created.










Authorised by the Queensland Government, Brisbane. Spoken by A. O’Kelly and A. Reilly.

[Voice over]

Authorised by the Queensland Government, Brisbane.

Watch the 'When you Go Local, you Grow Local' TV commercial.