Essential resources for business and intermediaries

If you're starting a business - or your business is about helping other businesses - the Queensland Government has a range of useful resources to help.

These resources will help you develop a business plan, conduct market research, search licensing and support information, and access training opportunities.

Business planning resources

Effective business planning is essential to business success.

Read more about preparing a business plan.

Market research resources

Market research can help your business's sales performance, increase your market share and identify new customers.

Read more about market research.

Business licences and regulations

When starting or running a business it is important to understand your licensing and regulatory requirements:

Learn more about getting the right licences and registrations (including registering a trademark and domain name).

Grants and support services

When starting or running a business it's important to be aware of the wide range of support services and programs available, including:

Business skills

Having good business skills is imperative to business success. Use the following resources to assess your business skills and identify any skill gaps in your business:

Learn more about business mentoring.

Digital channels

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Find out more about using social media to market your business.

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