Find information to help support your business, including small business assistance, online business services, events, webinars and workshops.


Small business

Information and events supporting Queensland's small businesses.

Business health check

Complete our business health check and get your business ready for change. Learn how to better manage finances, understand customers and optimise operations.

Queensland Government business online services

The Queensland Government has a range of online services to support businesses, including licensing and registration tools, online forms, maps and databases.

Queensland Government billing enquiries

Contact us about unpaid invoices, bill payment details, accounts payable enquiries or to follow-up late payments by a Queensland Government agency.

Wellbeing for small business owners

Access support for your mental health and wellbeing as you start or run your business.

Social enterprises in Queensland

Learn how social enterprises mainly trade for a social purpose, and how they reinvest most of their profits for this purpose.

Support for Indigenous businesses

Find targeted support for Indigenous businesses, including grants, workshops, events, mentoring and networking opportunities.

Support for women in business

Find out about support, training, workshops and programs to help women in business.

Support for contractors, consultants and freelancers

Find out what information, support and assistance is available for contractors, consultants, freelancers, sole-traders and other self-employed Queenslanders.

Business events

Find out about the latest business events that can help you to improve your business.

Business webinars

Learn how attending a webinar or viewing a webisode can help to improve your business skills.

Business workshops

The Queensland Government holds a number of workshops to help small businesses start, run and grow.

Industry case management for major projects in Queensland

Find out about professional support and advice, including coordinated case management support, to assist business and industry with major projects.