Making changes to your approved grant

If you need to modify a grant funding agreement for a program administered by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT), or if you're unable to complete the approved grant-funded project, you must promptly notify the department by emailing the appropriate grant mailbox.

Watch our video: Making changes to your business grant project after approval

Learn how to handle grant variations in this video. We'll guide you through the process of notifying us in writing, outlining changes, and even getting a new quote if required.

This video is part of our video series on applying for a Queensland Government business grant.

How to request an agreement variation

Submit your variation request by email to the appropriate grant mailbox and include your unique grant application ID.

Grant-specific email addresses and application ID examples

Grant programEmail Application ID format
Business BBASx-xxxxx
Business BBOOx-xxxxx
Business Growth BGFxxxxx

Applying for a project extension

If you're facing challenges completing your project on time, extensions are possible and considered on a case-by-case basis. Email the appropriate grant mailbox, explaining your situation and the additional time needed. Note that not all extension requests will be approved.

Changing supplier after funding allocation

If you are changing a supplier for your project, you will need to provide a quote from your new supplier and an explanation stating why you wish to change supplier.

If you change your supplier without prior approval, you may be required to return the grant funding to DESBT.

Changing the scope of your grant-funded activity

We recognise that business requirements may need to adapt to changing conditions and opportunities. If this is the case, and you wish to change the scope of your grant-funded activity, email the appropriate grant mailbox with the change details and revised quotes from your supplier. We will consider these changes on a case-by-case basis; however, the activity must still comply with grant guidelines.

If you change your approved activity without prior approval, you may be required to return the grant funding to DESBT.

All grant funds must be used in accordance with the conditions outlined in the grant guidelines, especially eligible activities. Your application may be subject to reassessment and potential denial.

To discuss the variation process, phone the Small Business Hotline on 1300 654 687.

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