Recommended settings for Google Earth

When using Google Earth™ for the first time, the following settings are recommended (accessed by clicking on Tools and then Options in the top menu bar).

3D view tab

3D view tab

  • Set Units of Measurement to Meters, Kilometers.
  • Set Terrain to Elevation Exaggeration of 1 (normal).

Navigation tab

Navigation tab

  • Set the Navigation to Do not automatically tilt while zooming.

General tab

General show tab

  • Set the Display to Show web results in external browser.

Saving setting changes

After making the changes above you must click on the Apply button, followed by the OK button at the bottom of the form.

Save settings

Improving the viewing speed of layers

Depending on the graphics card of your device, speed for viewing layers will differ. Performance may be improved by turning off the following options under View in the menu bar:

  • atmosphere
  • sun
  • historical imagery
  • water surface.

Cache tab

Over time, temporary internet files build up in cache and can slow down response. To alleviate this problem, we recommend that you regularly clear these files.

To do this, click on the Clear memory cache and Clear disk cache buttons.

Delete cache tab


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