Using the Mines Globe

The Mines Globe is an online tool using the Queensland Globe mapping and data application. Queensland Globe is implemented inside the Google Earth™ application. The Mines Globe is available as an additional globe in Google Earth™ after you have installed the Queensland Globe.

The Mines Globe and the Queensland Globe are part of the Queensland Government's open data strategy.

Accessing the Mines Globe

  1. Follow our instructions to install Queensland Globe on your Mac or PC.
  2. Open Queensland Globe. On the banner page, in the Featured Globes menu, select the link to the Mines Globe.
  3. Select the Add Globe button to access the Mines Globe layers.
  4. View the Mines Globe layers in the Layers pane to the left of the map.
  5. Use the check boxes to turn on or off the Mines Globe layers that you are interested in.

Information available

Layers you can choose to view include:

  • geological basin boundaries
  • exploration permits
  • production permits
  • infrastructure permits
  • information permits
  • permit administration areas
  • historical exploration permits
  • geophysical surveys
  • key resource areas
  • mining areas
  • mining boundaries
  • abandoned mines

Banner page

You can access the Mines Globe banner page by clicking on Mines Globe information hyperlink in the layers window. Information includes:

  • links to download the source data
  • terms and conditions
  • email for contact and feedback.

Turn off the banner by clicking the X.

Mines Globe layers

The Mines Globe contains a range of commonly required spatial information that can be displayed. Most of the categories are made up of several layers that can be viewed by expanding the category and displayed by using the check boxes.

All layers have been pre-set to only display between certain scales, i.e. more detailed layers will only display at larger scales. You may need to zoom in to see them. Some of the categories and their layers are shown in the image and described below.

For more information on the layers, click on Mines Globe information on the banner page and move to the Layers section.


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