Certification of the trigger map for strategic cropping land

The Department of Resources certifies the Trigger Map for Strategic Cropping Land for use under the Regional Planning Interests Act 2014 (RPI Act).

The SCL trigger map has been prepared from information provided by the Agricultural Land Audit and the Queensland Land Use Mapping Program.

The SCL trigger map excludes:

  • areas that are category B (or remnant vegetation) on the regulated vegetation management map
  • protected areas (i.e. national park, state forest, timber reserve and forest reserve)
  • beaches and foreshores
  • land designated as an urban area
  • areas which contain existing open cut mines, and major infrastructure (e.g. power stations, airport, dams)
  • land validated as non-SCL under the repealed Strategic Cropping Land Act 2011
  • land above the slope criteria limits using the new higher resolution slope data.

Updates to the SCL trigger map

We will update the SCL trigger map periodically to reflect regional interests, development approvals and approved amendments.

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