Topics: digital cadastral, topographic, natural resources, mines and water data, and open data.



Download GIS and mapping data for mines and resource authorities.

Geoscience digital data

Learn about the types of geoscience data you can buy from the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ).

Water modelling and data

Access surface water and groundwater data, maps, models and applications.

Spatial cadastral data

Learn how to search, plan and analyse land using property boundaries and land parcels information in the digital cadastral database (DCDB).

Digital topographic data

Find out about digital topographic data themes including culture, framework, hydrography, physiography, relief, transport and digital elevation model.

Queensland Government Open Data

Discover, use and request Queensland Government open data from over 175,000 datasets and 14,800 resources.

Water monitoring information portal

Access the service that supports water assessment and management activities.

Flood imagery and data

View images and data for flood events and flood extent lines.