What is meant by the terms 'traditional knowledge' and 'Indigenous cultural expression'?

What is meant by 'traditional knowledge'?

Traditional knowledge refers to:

  • knowledge or practices passed down from generation to generation that form part of the traditions or heritage of Indigenous communities
  • knowledge or practice for which Indigenous communities act as the guardians or custodians.

The type of knowledge that is considered within this scope includes:

  • knowledge about the medicinal properties or effects of flora and fauna
  • knowledge about hunting or fishing techniques.

What is meant by 'Indigenous cultural expression'?

Indigenous cultural expression refers to:

  • ways in which Indigenous communities express their traditional culture
  • ways that are part of their heritage or identity
  • ways that are passed down from generation to generation.

Indigenous cultural expression might, for example, take the form of song, stories, dances, art, designs, crafts, etc.

Who owns traditional knowledge and Indigenous cultural expression?

Indigenous communities regard themselves as the guardians and owners of traditional knowledge and Indigenous cultural expression on behalf of their communities.