How your business can avoid pitfalls on YouTube

Using YouTube is not without risks. Here's how to avoid the major ones.

Posting unwatchable videos

YouTube videos don't have to be polished. YouTube lends itself to spontaneity. But your videos do need to be audible and the quality needs to be high enough to be watchable. A common error is making videos too long. Make the video as tight as you can so your audience doesn't lose interest before they get to the important bits, like the call to action.

When you upload a video you can monitor data about how far people get into your video before they move on to something else. If they're not getting to the end of your video, you need to make your next one shorter and more engaging.

Thinking about how a movie trailer works might help you plan a video that's short, catchy and leaves people wanting more.

Going terminal, instead of 'going viral'

The videos that 'go viral' are either very entertaining or very interesting. The vast majority of videos on YouTube will never attract more than 100 views, and some will sink without a trace. Keep your videos tight and interesting. Remember, to capture attention you need to solve a problem, or entertain or move people.

Losing sight of the goal

Every video you upload should have a purpose related to your business. It might be encouraging customers to buy a product. It might be building an emotional connection with your brand. It might be resolving a problem that has emerged with your product.

If you post videos without a clear goal in mind you risk sending inconsistent messages about your brand or confusing people.

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