Who uses Twitter?

Use of Twitter in Australia is growing fast for both social and business use, although Twitter usage still lags a long way behind Facebook.

Customers who use Twitter

There are more than 2.9 million Twitter accounts in Australia. A 2016 Sensis social media report found that about 19% of Australian internet users used Twitter, compared with 95% who used Facebook - the most dominant social networking service.

Worldwide statistics suggest that about under 10% of Twitter users log in every day, and about 20% log in once a month.

Australian research suggests Twitter users follow an average of 315 accounts. About 24% of people who use Twitter don't tweet. They use Twitter to follow other people so they can keep up to date.

More than half the people who use Twitter access it via their mobile phone, so they are constantly 'reachable'.

In the United States, almost 50% of all Twitter users are younger than 50. Research conducted by the Pew Research Centre in 2015 shows that male Twitter users slightly outnumber female. In Australia, data suggests usage is evenly spread across genders. Twitter users tend to have at least some post-school education, live in urban areas and earn above average incomes.

Businesses that use Twitter

Twitter use by business is increasing fast. At the moment business users are largely based in the hospitality, entertainment, retail and technology sectors. Large businesses with big marketing and customer service departments devote significant resources to Twitter, but smaller businesses can use it well too.

Businesses that can benefit from using Twitter are likely to:

  • target customers that fit the Twitter user demographics above
  • have dynamic products or services so they often have news to share - such as new menu items, new products, new information, regular special offers
  • develop relationships with their customers over time rather than just one-off transactions
  • have a 'personality' as well as a brand
  • have staff who are enthusiastic about social media and keen to use Twitter well.

Australian businesses using Twitter range from large corporations like Telstra to small businesses like local cafes.

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