Getting started on a photo-sharing service

Getting started on an online photo-sharing service is relatively simple. Most sites offer free accounts and, provided you have some good photos to upload, you can start posting almost immediately.

These steps will help you get started.

  • Visit the main sites and take a look around. Flickr and Pinterest will let you browse even if you aren't a member, while some others will require you to join if you want to go beyond the home page. Allow an hour or so to have a good look at various sites.
  • Think about what you want out of a photo-sharing site. Is it mainly to share your best photos with others while continuing to store your complete collection on your business computers, or do you want a complete online storage solution as well? Do you need a free account, or can you afford a paid account? Write a list of the key benefits that you want, and then decide which site will suit you best, given their varying features.
  • Develop a plan for how to use the site to meet your marketing goals. Decide who will coordinate your photo-sharing activities, how many photos you'll aim to post how often, and what you're hoping to get out of it.
  • Visit the home page of your chosen site and follow the instructions to join. Once you're a member, make sure to join some groups, comment on others' photos, or follow other members. Remember, being part of the community is central to your marketing success.
  • Start uploading your photos, and letting your customers know where to find them. Link from your photos to your website, Facebook page, blog, Twitter account, or YouTube account, and back to your photos from all of those places.

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