Who uses Facebook?

Internationally, the number of Facebook users has grown rapidly since the site opened to the general public in late 2006. Statistics reported by Facebook in June 2018 put the total number of worldwide monthly users at 2.23 billion, making it the most-widely used site on the internet.

Customers who use Facebook

Everybody who uses Facebook is a potential customer for some kind of business.

Demographic information published in January 2018 offered the following snapshot of Facebook users worldwide:

  • 53% female, 47% male
  • 87% are aged 18-29 years old
  • 68% are college- or university-educated.

Facebook allows you to reach customers and potential customers of all kinds, around the world.

Businesses who use Facebook

Businesses in many countries are increasingly establishing Facebook pages. In Australia, a 2018 Sensis social media survey of 1100 businesses found that social media were being used by:

  • 51% of small businesses
  • 58% of medium-sized businesses
  • 85% of large businesses.

For all Australian businesses with a social media presence, Facebook is by far the most popular.

The Australian survey also found that the industries (small to medium sized businesses) most likely to use social media were:

  • cultural, recreational and personal services
  • retail trade
  • hospitality (accommodation, cafés and restaurants)
  • health and community services.

Other industries also have established social media pages, including:

  • communication, property and business services
  • wholesale trade
  • manufacturing
  • building and construction
  • finance and insurance
  • transport and storage.

Business pages are one of the fastest growing parts of Facebook.

Learn more about the benefits of Facebook for business, or how to create a business page on Facebook.

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