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Who uses coupon websites?

Customers who use coupon websites

Since beginning in 2008, coupon websites have become one of the fastest growing areas in online sales, both internationally and in Australia.

In 2017, Groupon reported that it had more than 49 million unique customers and that 69% of global sales were completed via mobile devices.

Businesses who use coupon websites

Coupon sites began with an emphasis on local businesses, though many now feature coupons from large operators and chains.

Virtually every type of business can be found on a coupon website somewhere. Large sites, such as Groupon and Scoopon, feature a wide range of products, services and events, in categories such as:

  • health and beauty
  • restaurants and food
  • shopping (including fashion, computers, and homewares)
  • services (including automotive, fitness, and personal services)
  • tourism and travel (including accommodation).

Specialised sites - such as TravelZoo and Grocery Run - offer coupons in particular categories.

A quick look around Australia's many coupon sites reveals the wide variety of businesses that are participating. Many are online retailers, but numerous 'bricks and mortar' businesses are also represented. Some of these are large, well-known companies (e.g. Domino's Pizza, Coles Supermarkets, Avis Car Rental, Weight Watchers) but smaller, local businesses also feature.

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