Using coupon websites to market your business

Coupon websites (also called 'daily deal', 'group buying' or 'social coupon' websites) offer discount coupons for goods, services and events. Customers buy coupons online and then use them at participating businesses. Coupon websites earn income by keeping a share of the value of each coupon sold.

To purchase from a coupon website, a customer must provide their name and contact details. This enables coupon websites to develop customer databases containing millions of names that can be sorted geographically. Customers can then choose to receive daily emails offering coupons tailored to their location.

Thousands of coupon websites operate worldwide. In Australia, well-known sites include:

  • Groupon (also the largest internationally)
  • Living Social
  • Catch of the Day
  • Scoopon

This guide explains how coupon websites work, advantages and disadvantages of coupon marketing, and how your business can use coupon websites effectively.