Who uses business blogs?

Use of business blogs in Australia is increasing rapidly in line with the increased use of social media by business.

This increased use of blogs and social media reflects the strong and continued growth of social media as an important communication medium across Australian communities.

Businesses who use blogs

Australian businesses using blogs range from large corporations like Telstra to small businesses like restaurants and professional photographers.

Businesses that can benefit from a business blog are likely to:

  • have a business plan that recognises social media as a key marketing channel
  • target customers that use social media
  • recognise the value of 'word of mouth' recommendations on social networks
  • have dynamic products or services so they often have news to share - such as new menu items, new products, new information or regular special offers
  • develop relationships with their customers over time rather than just one-off transactions
  • have a 'personality' as well as a brand
  • have staff who are enthusiastic about social media.

People who read blogs

The 2016 Sensis social media report found that 60% of all internet users read online reviews or blogs - with 40-49 year olds the most likely to do so. On average, people expect to read up to 5 reviews before making a purchase decision.

Reader comments on blogs, particularly about customer experiences, play a vital role in influencing buyers.

The Sensis survey found people who use social media also use their networks to find out about:

  • clothing and fashion - 35%
  • electrical goods - 45%
  • furniture and homewares - 38%
  • computers and hardware - 28%
  • music - 25%
  • software - 16%
  • games - 20%
  • cosmetics, beauty and fragrances - 22%.

Blog use in Australian communities

Australian social media blog Social Media News tracks monthly trends in numbers of Australian unique access visits (UAVs) to social media services. Figures for October 2016 show that blogging and blog reading continue to rise, including more than 14.6 million visits to YouTube, 5.3 million visits to WordPress, and 4 million visits to Tumblr.

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