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Getting started with a business blog

If you have decided that a blog is an essential part of your business marketing and promotion activities there are many options to choose from.

Larger businesses may prefer to develop a blog page within an existing website structure, which would extend existing in-house information technology capabilities.

Smaller businesses, or businesses preferring to 'test the water', may find the wide range of blog platforms available more appropriate.

Blog platforms

A great advantage of blogging is the development of blog platforms which allow bloggers to quickly customise the look of their blog without having to know about website programming.

These blog platforms use templates which can allow bloggers to get started quickly and concentrate on content, rather than manage technical aspects of website development. They are ideal for small businesses.

Examples of popular blogging platforms include:

  • WordPress — an open source blog platform with free and pay-for-service options that can be hosted by WordPress or on your own server
  • Blogger — a free platform hosted by Google
  • Tumblr — a multi-media micro-blogging platform.

Check with your internet service provider or web developer about tools that can meet your needs.

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