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Networking in business - video transcript

In a case study video Paul Casos, Executive Chairman of the Ipswich Events Corporation, explains why networking is so important to business, and the need to be genuine when networking:

[Paul Casos, Executive Chairman, Ipswich Events Corporation]

My name is Paul Casos. I'm the Executive Chairman of the Ipswich Events Corporation. This particular company was founded some 18 years ago. We are into events: organising events, managing events, and marketing, here in the Ipswich area.

Networking is the lifeblood of an events company. Very important that not only do we network with the community — probably all of our stakeholders, whether they be the business community, all of our major sponsors, the not-for-profit organisations in Ipswich we interact with or wherever you interact with — very important indeed to get out and network.

The benefits for a business such as ours is particularly important from the sponsorship side of life because sponsorship is the lifeblood — getting the revenue in for an events company just allows us to do so much more. So it's looking around the community, identifying all those target groups and then setting some strategies for how to network to be able to develop the rapport with the movers and shakers in those organisations that can benefit your own company.

If you're going to a particular function, do your research on who is going to be there. Try to get a list of those people before you go. Identify the particular people, the businesses they're coming from, those people you want to be introduced to, and also to seek others out who are at that function who may be able to provide a one-on-one introduction to those particular people, and that's very important to do.

The other thing I'd like to say is that you must be genuine about networking. People see you coming a mile away if you just arrive in a town and suddenly you're going to tell them how to do their business. You don't do that. What you do is sit back, take it all in, identify yourself, but play a part in that community. Play a genuine part in the community. Join the Chamber of Commerce or join the other networking groups that are in town and play your part. Put your hand up. Volunteer to do things in the community. What I've always found is that people like to deal with people they know, and therefore the more you can be put in front of people, when an opportunity comes along that may involve your business, you're the first person they think of and they'll turn to you.

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