Finding a mentor through mentoring programs

If you are looking for a mentor, you may consider joining the following mentoring programs:

Mentoring for Growth (M4G)

Mentoring for Growth (M4G) helps businesses to grow with advice and support from a panel of up to 6 volunteer business mentors, matching business needs with industry experience.

By attending an M4G panel as a mentee, you will learn strategies for dealing with barriers to growth, and come up with solutions to move your business forward. You will also be challenged by the panel and encouraged to take a critical look at your current practices.

Small Business Solutions

The Small Business Solutions program gives small business owners access to government-subsidised business skilled mentors.

Participants receive personalised, one-on-one, on-site mentoring from experienced and accredited business professionals. The program also gives small business owners opportunities to gain and retain skills through workshops and flexible training.

Other mentoring opportunities

You can find out about other mentoring programs through your industry association or your business networks. Through networking, you may also be able to develop an informal mentoring relationship.

The internet offers a range of informal mentoring opportunities that are not restricted by geographical locations. Social media sites such as LinkedIn can help you contact potential mentors. You may also find forums that can provide an alternative to face-to-face mentoring.

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