Managing record keeping risks

There are legal and financial consequences if your business does not comply with record keeping requirements of tax, business and privacy laws.

Lost or damaged records

Recovering essential business records, whether they have been lost, damaged or destroyed, will help you to re-establish business operations.

Find out how to re-establish your premises and business records after a natural disaster.

Privacy and security

Australian privacy laws apply to the collection, use and storage of personal information. Customers will take their business elsewhere if they lack confidence in your ability to protect their personal information and records.

Read the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's guide to privacy for small business to help you apply the national privacy principles.

New technologies make it easier to access, transmit and misuse personal information. You will need to pay particular attention to securing online and electronic records. You should develop a privacy policy and train staff to implement it.

Learn more about protecting privacy and information.

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