Business Energy Savers Program

Significant cost savings can be realised through businesses pursuing energy efficiency options. Simple changes/upgrades can deliver cost reductions of 30% with paybacks as short as 1 year.

About the program

The $20 million Business Energy Savers Program, an initiative under the Affordable Energy Plan, provides free energy audits for agricultural customers and large business customers, and co-contributions to fund energy efficiency upgrades.

The program provides audits for businesses covering a broad range of industry sectors that are vital to our economy, and advice to businesses on how they can reduce their electricity costs by using electricity more efficiently.

It includes the Energy Savers Plus Program Extension (for agricultural businesses) and the Large Customer Adjustment Program (for large electricity users).

Energy Savers Plus Program Extension

Under the Energy Savers Plus Program Extension, 200 additional audits for agricultural customers will be completed. In addition to this, co-contribution grants of up to $20,000 will be made available to assist businesses in implementing the recommendations from the audit.

Applications for the Energy Savers Plus Program Extension are now closed.

Large Customer Adjustment Program

Expanding on the Large Customer Adjustment Trial, the Large Customer Adjustment Program will deliver an additional 30 audits of large customers and co-contributions of up to $250,000 to help encourage the business to implement the audit recommendations.

Applications for the Large Customer Adjustment Program are now closed.

Case studies

The Business Energy Savers Program also provides broader benefits through the development of case studies to assist other businesses wanting to reduce their energy costs by using electricity more efficiently.

Participate in our survey

To support the delivery of the Business Energy Savers Program and the Regional Business Support Package, we have engaged an independent consultant to survey regional Queensland businesses.

The aim is to assess how we can best support farmers and regional businesses in the transition to standard business electricity tariffs in July 2020.

The survey results will determine:

  • the information businesses need to help manage their electricity consumption
  • opportunities for businesses to reduce electricity consumption and improve energy efficiency
  • the information businesses require to understand electricity tariff choices and the options available to them.

If you are interested in participating in the survey, please email

Note: All survey feedback is confidential. No individuals or businesses will be identified in the survey results.

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