Regional electricity support packages

Around 20,000 regional Queensland businesses are supplied electricity under obsolete electricity tariffs.

Since 2012, the Queensland Competition Authority has been phasing out these obsolete tariffs as they are not based on the costs of supplying electricity. Most of these obsolete tariffs will cease on 30 June 2021.

To support regional farmers and businesses, the Queensland Government has a number of initiatives to help businesses to minimise electricity costs and to make the transition to standard business tariffs.

Programs and initiatives

Electricity Tariff Adjustment Scheme

The Electricity Tariff Adjustment Scheme will support eligible regional businesses as they move from obsolete electricity tariffs to standard business tariffs.

The initiative which runs for up to 9 years, will provide eligible customers with transition rebates on their electricity bills to partially offset increased bill costs.

Find out more about the Electricity Tariff Adjustment Scheme.

Energy saving initiatives for regional businesses (now closed)

The introduction of Electricity Tariff Adjustment Scheme follows the Queensland Government's investment in a range of programs and initiatives to ensure businesses are better equipped to understand their electricity use and minimise their electricity costs.

This work has included: