Coronavirus (COVID-19) electricity relief for small businesses

The Queensland Government is providing a $100 million power bill relief package for small businesses, including sole traders. Eligible customers will receive a $500 rebate on their electricity bill.

Who is eligible to receive the $500 rebate?

To be eligible, you must be a small business and:

  • have an active electricity account
  • use less than 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

Sole traders, sporting clubs, community organisations and charities are all eligible if they meet these criteria.

When will I receive the rebate?

The rebate will be automatically applied to your electricity bill from May 2020 onwards. The exact timing depends on your individual billing cycle.

Embedded network arrangements

Small business tenants who get their electricity through a privately owned embedded network, and are billed by their landlord, property manager/operator or other entity (on-supplier), can receive the rebate if they are eligible.

The on-supplier will claim the rebate on behalf of their tenants, and pass it onto tenants as part of their next electricity bill.

On-suppliers are required to lodge a claim (using Form 514) with their electricity retailer.