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Improving your leadership skills

You can improve your leadership skills on your own or by working with others. The following are additional ways you can improve your leadership.


This is a structured form of learning over a set period, where a dedicated coach trains an individual in a set task or skill. It has clear, measurable goals, and is useful for business leadership because it's difficult to improve leadership skills in an isolated one-off training session.


One-to-one relationships where knowledge, skills and perspectives are shared within a business provide an efficient and cost-effective training method. It can often help to motivate and improve the skills of both the mentee and the mentor. Unlike coaching, it is an ongoing process of development.

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Workshops and training

Group training sessions and workshops can be a useful and cost-effective way to train a number of your staff in leadership skills.

You can also search for courses at TAFE Queensland, or university business certificates or online courses.

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Observe and speak with other influential leaders to find out how they developed their leadership skills. You can also try to emulate their leadership style.

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