For industry

  • Agriculture

    Topics: laws, tools, support; associations, disaster recovery, land, crops, lifestyle horticulture, livestock, exhibiting animals, niche industries, water bore assessment, commercialisation

  • Commercial fishing and aquaculture

    Topics: information for commercial fishers, information for aquaculturists

  • Mining and resources

    Topics: online services, applying and complying for permits, geoscience, safety, natural disasters, industry associations, exploration opportunities

  • CSG-LNG industry

    Topics: GasFields Commission, skills development, regulations, water and environmental management, best practice, business opportunities, landholders

  • Liquor and gaming

    Topics: liquor, gaming, Gambling Community Benefit Fund, Overview of Safe Night Out Strategy for liquor licensees

  • Tourism

    Topics: DestinationQ, Queensland tourism, service quality toolkit, tourist attraction sign, service sign, Tourism Pathways

  • Titles, property and surveying

    Topics: titles and property, surveying; architecture, property, real estate and urban planning industry associations

  • Building and construction

    Topics: building and construction industry associations, using timber in construction, electrical contracting, cathodic protection systems

  • Water

    Topics: hydrologic models, water release monitoring

  • Energy

    Topics: energy regulators and peak bodies, renewable energy, electricity energy, gas industry

  • Racing

    Racing industry in Queensland

  • Food, beverage and catering

    Topics: industry associations; manufacturing, wine industry, food innovation

  • Manufacturing

    Topics: aviation and aerospace, marine associations, clothing manufacturing

  • Defence

    Topics: defence industry support in Queensland

  • ICT

    Topics: expanding and connecting an ICT business; developing an ICT idea

  • Creative industries

    Topics: creative industries in Queensland, industry associations

  • Forests and wood

    Topics: regulation and legislation, industry associations, plantation forestry, managing pests and diseases, state-owned forests, native forests

  • Retail and wholesale

    Topics: retail and franchise industry associations; selling electrical equipment

  • Service industries

    Topics: business and administration, repair and maintenance, personal services, security, industry associations, child care, non-state school funding, retirement villages, manufactured homes, residential services, veterinary surgeons, community services

  • Professional and financial services

    Topics: transfer duty, insurance duty, CITEC Confirm, police reports, vehicle searches, electronic court filing, land searches, corporate and individual searches

  • Science and research

    Topics: scientific research, international science partnerships, biodiscovery and business, industry associations

  • Transport, logistics and warehousing

    Topics: transport, logistics and supply chain industry associations; bus and coach services, taxis, limousines and ride-booking services, aviation services

  • Explosives and fireworks

    Topics: how explosives are used, licensing requirements, reporting incidents, laws, the Explosives Inspectorate, safety and security