IAP vehicle monitoring

Heavy vehicles enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) are monitored by a certified IAP service provider and have an In-Vehicle Unit (IVU) installed.

Through satellite tracking and wireless communication, the IVU continuously sends information to the certified IAP service provider who provides reports to the Department of Transport and Main Roads about:

  • vehicle position, speed and direction of travel
  • quality of the GPS data received
  • alarms that indicate potential malfunctions and/or attempts at tampering of equipment
  • date and time the above data is recorded.

The department uses this information to identify where and when this vehicle travels and if the vehicle is travelling outside their permit conditions.

If a vehicle travels outside their permit conditions the service provider provides a non-compliance report to the department for investigation. Non-compliance reports are assessed on a case by case basis and are followed up directly with heavy vehicle operators. The department does not receive information from the certified service provider when the vehicle complies with access conditions, without the transport operators consent.

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