Revised Class 1 Heavy Vehicle Access Regime Program

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is developing a new Class 1 heavy vehicle access regime. The program was established in 2021 and expected to continue until mid-2024.

The new regime aims to improve safe and sustainable access to TMR roads and structures for all road users by managing risks associated with Class 1 heavy vehicles.

We are working with industry to deliver:

  • industry access to the network in a safe and sustainable way
  • improved systems and processes for managing Class 1 heavy vehicle access
  • increased transparency and certainty about access
  • better supported decision making by the road asset owner.

Watch the Class 1 heavy vehicle access program launch webinar for more information.

Types of Class 1 heavy vehicles

Class 1 heavy vehicles relative to this program include:

  • prime mover and low loader trailer combinations
  • prime mover and load platform trailer combinations
  • special purpose vehicles (SPV) including mobile cranes.

Working with industry groups

We'll collaborate with 2 industry working groups representing operators of different types of Class 1 heavy vehicles. The groups are:

  • Load Carrying Vehicles Industry Working Group
  • Special Purpose Vehicles Industry Working Group.

Group members will take part in the program to help identify any issues or opportunities influencing the program's delivery.

Load Carrying Vehicles Industry Working Group

The industry representatives for this working group are:

  • Anthony Arndt
  • Richard Bowles
  • Jeremy Bennett
  • Kelsey Belton-Smith
  • Woody Scott
  • Shane Warmus
  • Samantha Hughes
  • Tanya Gilbert
  • Shaun Tull
  • Robert Campbell.

This group is underway and we're collaborating to co-design a new proposed Class 1 heavy vehicle access regime.

Working together is enabling us to consider the perspectives and expertise of all parties so that the co-design for the new access regime will:

  • be comprehensive and robust
  • meet the evolving needs of TMR, road managers and industry users for low loader and load platform combinations.

The working group has also established 5 principles needed for a successful new access regime:

  • consistency
  • timeliness
  • certainty
  • transparency
  • customer focus.

Special Purpose Vehicles Industry Working Group

We expect to call for nominations for this working group in early 2024.

Investigating an access management system

TMR has reached a formal arrangement with Tasmania's Department of State Growth (DSG) following a thorough analysis of available access management systems.

Under this arrangement, we're investigating how we can implement the Heavy Vehicle Access Management System (HVAMS) within the new access regime.

DSG introduced HVAMS into Tasmania in 2016 as an innovative solution to help:

  • road managers make better access decisions
  • the heavy vehicle industry with access certainty to better understand where to operate on their road network on demand.

With the support of DSG, we're investigating a potential low loader and load platform module within the existing HVAMS to manage heavy vehicle access for Queensland's load carrying industry.

A HVAMS in Queensland aligns with our support for the Austroads project to implement an intelligent, automated system and helps us prepare to integrate into a national automated access assessment system.

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