Driver and transport operator information

Before a vehicle being monitored under IAP begins its journey, a transport operator must take reasonable steps to notify the driver about certain information, including:

  • the vehicle will be monitored by an IAP service provider
  • name and address of the IAP service provider will be provided
  • what information is being collected by the IAP service provider
  • why the information is being collected
  • who the information collected will be disclosed to (i.e. persons and entities)
  • the driver
    • has the right of access to the information collected1
    • has the right to have the information changed to ensure it is accurate, up to date and complete1
    • is required to report to the operator if the IAP system is not working properly.2

1 The operator must take reasonable steps to inform the driver of how they can access the information and have it changed where necessary.

2 The operator must tell the driver how they can report to the operator that the system is not working properly.

You can communicate this information by placing a notice in your vehicle's cab where it is clearly visible or by giving it to the driver as part of a written contract of employment.

Self-declaration of important information

A driver or transport operator may be required to enter the vehicle configuration and the Total Combination Mass (TCM) of the configuration into the Self Declaration Input Device.

If along the journey there is a change in TCM or configuration of the vehicle, you must enter this into the Self Declaration Input Device.

Transport operators must ensure the driver is aware of their obligations to self-declare. It is an offence to provide false and misleading information through the input device when self-declaring.

Malfunctions and tampering with IAP system

It is an offence to tamper with any devices fitted to the vehicle used for IAP monitoring. The system will automatically notify the service provider of tampering or interference. The department and Transport Certification Australia will investigate all reports of suspected tampering.

Withdrawing from IAP

As a transport operator, you can negotiate with the IAP service provider to cancel your enrolment and have the IAP system removed from your vehicle(s). Withdrawing from the IAP means you can no longer operate your vehicle(s) under the Higher Mass Limits (HML) or a permit which has the IAP as a condition of operation.

Selling IAP vehicles

Enrolment under the IAP does not transfer with the vehicle. As a transport operator, you will need to contact your IAP service provider to stop monitoring the vehicle, and contact the IAP team to cancel your IAP certificate for that vehicle.

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