Laws for microchip implanters

You must have the correct qualifications and have completed a required course to become a microchip implanter.

Only a veterinarian is allowed to microchip a cat or dog younger than 8 weeks, and only if:

  • it will not risk the animal's health
  • they give the person presenting the cat or dog a signed veterinary surgeon's certificate to that effect.

Apply to become a microchip implanter

You will need several qualifications to become an authorised microchip implanter.

Pre-requisite qualifications

Veterinarians must hold a Bachelor of Veterinary Science that can be registered in Queensland or hold an equivalent degree in another state.

Other types of implanters, such as veterinary nurses, must be qualified in the care and handling of cats and/or dogs (for example, you'll need a qualification in veterinary nursing, a Certificate in Animal Technology or a Bachelor of Applied Science in Animal Science).

Approved microchipping courses

Veterinarians registered in Queensland must complete the approved course for veterinarians in microchip implantation of cats and dogs.

Other types of implanters must complete the approved course for microchip implantation of cats and dogs.

This course is currently offered by:

Apply for an authorised implanter number

If you have the necessary qualifications and have completed the required course, you can apply for an authorised implanter number online.

Reviewing a decision

If you are unhappy with a decision about your implanter or registry licence, you can ask that it be reviewed.

Submit your request to our Customer Service Centre by email, fax or post.

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