Property entry and exit process for routine visits or Hendra virus investigations

Veterinarians should establish entry and exit procedures (for routine property visits or for possible Hendra virus (HeV) investigations) to provide a clear process for applying infection control procedures, including personal protective equipment (PPE), so that personal safety and disease control are managed.

Key steps:

  • Define the edge of the hot zone (i.e. the area where HeV contamination may be present).
  • Select a site at this edge that has good access from the cold zone.
  • At this site, establish an entry/exit decontamination site. This site allows you to prepare safely in the cold zone, including donning PPE, preparing sampling equipment and preparing disinfectant solutions.
  • Only enter the hot zone when you're fully prepared.
  • The arrangement of this site then allows you to exit through a decontamination process that protects personal safety and prevents disease spread.
  • If repeat visits are likely, or if other colleagues may visit, mark the site clearly so the same site is used each time. This prevents other people setting up on potentially contaminated ground.
  • Recommend this process to other people who may need to access the hot zone.

Detailed equipment list and procedure

Read the more detailed Hendra virus equipment list and property entry and exit procedure (PDF, 352KB).