Accessing the Nobivac® rabies vaccine

This is a short, easy-reference guide for ordering and using the vaccine. Consult the complete document, ABLV—Information for veterinarians, for more comprehensive information about managing the risk of Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) in animals.

Permit for supply and use of the rabies vaccine

Supply and use of the Nobivac® inactivated rabies vaccine is permitted in Australia under Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) permit number PER14236. This vaccine contains ≥2 IU/mL inactivated rabies virus (Pasteur strain) as the only active constituent.

Search 'PER14236' on the APVMA website to see the permit.

No animal rabies vaccine is fully registered for use in Australia.

Who may use the rabies vaccine

The reason for using the vaccine determines who may use it:

  • A registered veterinarian with case-specific authorisation from the Queensland Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO), can use the vaccine in Queensland to manage Australian-bat-lyssavirus (ABLV) risk following potential exposure to ABLV.
  • All veterinarians who are fully registered by a state or territory veterinary board, can order and use the rabies vaccine to prepare cats and dogs for export from Australia.

Minimising the delay between ABLV-exposure and vaccination

Minimise the interval between potential exposure and the first vaccine (Day 0PV) as far as reasonable.

Apply as soon as possible to the CVO to use the vaccine for ABLV-prophylaxis. This may include applying:

  • before finalising a decision with the owner
  • while awaiting the outcome of a laboratory test or observation period.

An authorisation allows you to use the vaccine to prevent ABLV, but does not mean you have to use it. Whether or not to use the vaccine remains your decision.

Once you've received approval to use the vaccine for ABLV-prophylaxis, you can order the vaccine from veterinary suppliers; however this may take some days. To minimise delays, consider

  • using rabies vaccine held in stock at your practice (e.g. to prepare cats and dogs for export) for ABLV prophylaxis
  • using the approved application to source the vaccine from another practice
  • referring the case to a practice with the rabies vaccine in stock.

Applying to use the rabies vaccine

To use the vaccine for ABLV risk management, complete the application form to use inactivated rabies vaccine and submit it to the Queensland CVO by emailing

We'll make all reasonable efforts to respond on the same working day.

We'll respond on the next working day to applications received on weekends and public holidays.

If you submit an application in the afternoon, phone 13 25 23 to alert the Office of the CVO to help ensure a same day response.

Veterinarians in other jurisdictions should apply to the relevant state or territory CVO.

Ordering the rabies vaccine from veterinary suppliers

You can order the rabies vaccine from veterinary suppliers. You'll need to provide a CVO-authorisation when you request the vaccine for ABLV‑prophylaxis.

As cold chain is important to the integrity of the vaccine, vaccine is not usually shipped over the weekend, and supply may be delayed until early the next week.