The NDIS in Queensland

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has transformed the way people with disability are supported and the way disability services are funded in Queensland.

Under the NDIS, the number of Queenslanders receiving disability supports is expected to grow to more than 90,000 and inject approximately $4 billion of Commonwealth and State funds into the Queensland economy each year.

As a result, the NDIS is creating jobs (between 15,900 and 19,400 additional jobs are expected to be created) and new opportunities for service providers and businesses in the community.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has developed a Queensland Market Position Statement (PDF, 3.1MB) to inform market stakeholders and help current and prospective providers of supports and services understand the opportunities the NDIS will create.

Information, linkages and capacity building (ILC)

Information, linkages and capacity building (ILC) is an important part of the NDIS and is designed to help everyone with disability connect with their community and participate in everyday life.

ILC grants

Grants will be provided to organisations to carry out ILC activities in the community, creating opportunities for organisations and businesses.

Examples of ILC activity include:

  • a comprehensive website that provides information about particular disabilities or conditions
  • a community awareness campaign to increase employment opportunities for people with disability
  • a project that connects young people with disability in a rural area with each other via social media
  • a telephone information service for people with disability staffed by people with disability.

Learn more about the ILC.