Managing natural disasters for mining

The most effective way to prepare your mining, petroleum, gas or quarrying operation for a natural disaster is to have a plan ready before the event occurs. Having a plan will help you minimise damage and operational losses.

Safety and health management plans

Operators must have safety and health management plans in place. By law, these plans must ensure the safety of employees in the event of:

  • natural disasters
  • severe weather events
  • other emergency situations.

Plans must provide:

  • ways of identifying and warning potentially affected persons of the onset of severe weather events
  • a system of evacuation or moving people to a place of safety
  • necessary actions to be taken when risk is not within acceptable limits.

Mining, petroleum and gas, and quarrying operators should consider developing a targeted action response plan based on warnings and observations to assess and communicate the onset of severe weather events. For more information about developing targeted action response plans please contact your regional mines inspector.

Senior site executives should also ensure the site and equipment is properly prepared to minimise risk.

Resources for natural disaster planning

Key resources for natural disaster planning include:

  • preparation checklists for cyclones and storm surges, severe storms, flooding and bushfires
  • your emergency kit
  • your evacuation procedures
  • a list of emergency contacts.

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