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Health advice to protect resources employees from COVID-19

Queensland's Chief Health Officer has asked resources companies to follow the latest public health directions to help protect workers, workers' families and the community from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Companies will be required to submit a health plan that complies with requirements set by the Chief Health Officer.

The following safeguard measures are encouraged across the resources sector.

In camps

  • Infection control in kitchens and food preparation areas
  • Suitable accommodation for self-quarantine
  • Social distancing in camps, including for recreational activities and outdoor sport
  • Limiting movement of workers from camps and into the broader community
  • Ban on 'hot bedding' to limit contact between employees
  • Cleaning rooms thoroughly between uses, including changing and washing linen

On transport

  • Avoiding close contact during transport, including reducing the numbers of people travelling on buses and aircraft
  • Thorough cleans between passenger loads getting off and those getting on
  • Temperature testing at airports for passengers boarding aircraft
  • Ensuring people with symptoms do not travel and immediately isolate and seek medical advice
  • Reducing FIFO and DIDO during the COVID-19 to minimise the mass movement of people

View Queensland Health's up-to-date public health advice on COVID-19.


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