Health advice to protect resources employees from COVID-19

Health plan

All resources companies must have a health plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among their employees and the community.

The health plan must comply with the requirements specified by the Chief Health Officer. It must provide detailed actions on how the site will manage and prevent the transmission of the virus in addition to existing workplace health and safety procedures. If needed, you can use the health plan template (DOCX, 222KB).

Self-isolation for diagnosed cases of COVID-19

Ensure you are aware of the self-isolation requirements for any employees who are diagnosed with COVID-19. These are detailed in the Chief Health Officer's Self-isolation for diagnosed cases of COVID-19 direction.

Safety measures to protect employees

The following safeguard measures are encouraged across the resources sector.

In camps

  • Infection control in kitchens and food preparation areas
  • Suitable accommodation for self-quarantine
  • Social distancing in camps, including for recreational activities and outdoor sport
  • Limiting movement of employees from camps and into the broader community
  • Ban on 'hot bedding' to limit contact between employees
  • Cleaning rooms thoroughly between uses, including changing and washing linen

On transport

  • Avoiding close contact during transport, including reducing the numbers of people travelling on buses and aircraft
  • Thorough cleans between passenger loads getting off and those getting on
  • Temperature testing at airports for passengers boarding aircraft
  • Ensuring people with symptoms do not travel and immediately isolate and seek medical advice
  • Reducing FIFO and DIDO during the COVID-19 to minimise the mass movement of people

View Queensland Health's up-to-date public health advice on COVID-19.


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