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Supplying solar systems for the solar and storage program

The Queensland Government is providing interest-free loans to help homeowners purchase solar systems. Only eligible solar suppliers can supply systems to customers who are approved for a solar loan.

The following information only applies to suppliers installing a solar system. If you are installing a system which also includes battery storage, you must be an eligible battery supplier.

How to become an eligible supplier

If you want to supply solar systems (without battery storage) as part of the interest-free loan for solar and storage program, you'll need to be an eligible supplier and make sure your quotes and invoices meet our requirements.

To become an eligible solar supplier, you must:

View the list of eligible solar suppliers.

If you are an eligible solar supplier and would like your company to be added to this list, please contact the relevant code of conduct administrator.

Supplying to the program

Step 1: Provide a quote

Customers must have a quote from an eligible supplier to lodge their online application for a solar loan.

You must issue a quote that includes:

  • name of supplier
  • supplier ABN / ACN
  • address details of supplier
  • supplier email address
  • date of quote
  • clear product description of the solar system
  • quote number
  • amount quoted, with GST itemised
  • customer name (this needs to be the same name as the person applying for the loan)
  • installation address.

View the example quote (PDF, 361KB).

Step 2: Wait for the customer's application to be assessed

The Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) will administer the loans and process all applications. Most applications will be assessed within 15 business days. However, some customers may be placed on a wait list and their application may take longer to be processed. Applicants on the waitlist are not guaranteed a loan.

If the customer has their application approved, they will be issued with an approval certificate which they need to provide you. This certificate will detail the loan amount. If you install a solar system before QRIDA receives the approval certificate, the customer will not be eligible for a loan.

Step 3: Install the solar system

Solar systems must be installed within 6 months of the date on the certificate of approval. All systems must be installed and loans fulfilled by 30 June 2020.

To be eligible for an interest-free loan or grant, the solar system must be new and must not:

  • replace or augment an existing system
  • be coupled with a battery energy storage system.

Step 4: Invoice the customer

You must issue a tax invoice which includes the following information:

  • name of supplier
  • supplier ABN / ACN
  • address details of supplier
  • supplier email address
  • date of tax invoice
  • clear details of the installed solar system
  • tax invoice number
  • customer name - should be the same name as on the QRIDA Approval Certificate
  • installation address
  • final amount due, including GST (this must be consistent with the approved loan shown on the pre-approval loan certificate)
  • your bank account details (these must be on the invoice to allow QRIDA to cross-reference the details the client provides on their Authority to Pay form).

View the example invoice (PDF, 412KB).

If a customer chooses a solar system that costs more than the approved loan they must pay you the difference. You must then indicate on the invoice that this amount has been paid, and the outstanding amount must match the loan amount.

Step 5: Receive payment

QRIDA will pay suppliers directly. QRIDA will endeavour to pay suppliers within 30 days of receiving all the correct documentation. QRIDA will email suppliers notifying them of payment. Solar loan funds cannot be used to reimburse deposits made by customers.


The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is only responsible for administering the rooftop solar and battery systems program. We will not be supplying rooftop solar and battery systems to customers. Independent solar and battery suppliers will contract directly with customers to supply solar and battery products. Suppliers do not act as our agents and we do not endorse, and make no representation or warranty about, any supplier's products, including as to their suitability or fitness for purpose.


If you are an eligible solar supplier and have questions about the program, please email

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