Hydrogen industry skills and training for Queensland businesses

Queensland is well placed to lead renewable hydrogen production in Australia by 2030.

Hydrogen is a key part of delivering the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, our plan for clean, reliable and affordable energy, providing power for generations. Learn more about the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan (PDF, 4.7MB).

The emerging hydrogen industry is expected to provide opportunities for Queensland businesses to support hydrogen projects and technology, these will grow as the industry develops, expanding regional business and employment opportunities in Queensland.

Learn more about hydrogen industry development in Queensland.

Hydrogen skills and training

The Hydrogen Industry Workforce Development Roadmap 2022–2032 (the Roadmap) includes a skills map, which provides a helpful breakdown of the roles and skills needed in each sector of the industry. Businesses may find the map useful to identify potential future growth opportunities.

The nature and timing of those business opportunities, and hence demand for particular skills, will evolve as the industry grows.

The Roadmap is shaping Queensland's educational, training and skilling capability to ensure skills needs are identified and met as the industry grows and develops.

Vocational education and training

The Queensland Government is working alongside the Australian and other state and territory governments to ensure nationally consistent, accredited vocational education and training (VET) hydrogen packages meet the needs of businesses within the hydrogen and other industries.

Businesses can find the latest information on the growing number of hydrogen skills packages which have been released, and the Registered Training Organisations which deliver them, by searching for 'hydrogen' on training.gov.au. The search will also show the status of skills packages which are still under development.

Subsidies, allowances and other support payments and financial assistance are available from government for apprentices and trainees, including school-based trainees.

Connecting with opportunities in the hydrogen value chain

Hydrogen clusters

Four hydrogen technology clusters have been formed in Queensland to help local businesses make the most of opportunities in the industry:

  • CQH2, the Central Queensland Hydrogen Technology Cluster
  • NQH2, the North Queensland Hydrogen Consortium
  • SQHII, the Southern Queensland Hydrogen Industry Institute
  • H2Q, the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Cluster, which operates several working groups to address key issues for the industry.

The clusters bring together hydrogen industry proponents, education and training providers, and regional economic bodies, providing businesses access to invaluable intelligence through networking, learning and collaboration.

General information and independent advice is also available to small and medium enterprises including through the industry groups that operate the clusters, with an option of membership.

Business capability mapping

If your business currently operates within the Queensland hydrogen industry or has the capability to support development of the industry, you should also consider registering on a capability mapping platform.

Registration expands your exposure to market opportunities, allowing you to connect directly with other businesses and keep up to date on projects and opportunities as the industry grows.

Capability mapping is occurring at the regional level. For example, government-owned corporation CS Energy and the Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) established an online portal for southern Queensland businesses to sign up for opportunities in the emerging hydrogen industry.

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) have established an online portal for businesses to register on the TSBE supplier portal, providing exposure on projects across Southern Queensland.

National exposure is also available through the HyCapability platform.

Investing in Queensland's hydrogen industry

For hydrogen industry proponents looking to invest in Queensland, read the Queensland hydrogen investor toolkit (PDF, 1.2MB).

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