Opportunities in drive tourism

There are number of opportunities for Queensland businesses to grow from drive tourism. There are many strategies businesses can use to attract drive tourists to their town and build on existing drive tourism markets in their region. These include:

  • developing unique products, services, or experiences
  • targeted packaging, advertising and marketing
  • working with regional tourism organisations
  • collaborating with other local and regional businesses
  • lobbying local government for improved tourism amenities and infrastructure.

Applying for tourism signage

The Queensland Government has reviewed signage guidelines, developed a streamlined assessment process and revised administrative arrangements for the installation of tourist signs for commercial tourist attractions and service signs on state-controlled roads.

The use of these guidelines will improve road safety and lead to a major improvement in the quality and consistency of tourist signs throughout the state.

To apply, operators must meet all sign requirements and criteria for their category of tourist attraction or type of service.

Learn more about applying for a tourist or service sign.

Offering unique products, services and experiences

In a state as large as Queensland, drive tourists have access to many journeys and experiences. Promoting unique tourism products, services and experiences will encourage tourists to stopover in your town and contribute to your business. Without something that sets your business apart from others, and gives tourists a reason to stopover, drive tourists may bypass you altogether.

Learn more about experience design and development to create unique products and services.

Learning digital skills

Digital business and marketing skills are becoming more important for tourism businesses. New technologies and social media are creating more opportunities to inform, interact and engage with past and potential customers.

Learn more about websites, social media and digital marketing.

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