Cruise tourism opportunities

Prior to the pandemic, cruising was one of the fastest-growing sectors in Queensland's inbound and outbound tourism industry. Strong growth in the cruise shipping industry significantly benefits Queensland's economy.

An increase in cruise tourists visiting Queensland gives businesses an opportunity to attract new customers, generate positive word-of-mouth, and increase sales. By working together with other tourism operators, local government and their community in regional planning, development and marketing initiatives, businesses can take advantage of cruise tourism in their region.

There are many strategies businesses can use to take advantage of cruise tourists who stop over in their town. These include:

Queensland can position itself strongly by offering unique and compelling itineraries that differentiate Queensland from other cruise destinations, including opportunities for:

  • nature-based ecotourism and Indigenous tourism
  • building more Queensland land-based products into shore excursion programs and pre-tour and post-tour itineraries.

Future demand for cruise shipping

Long-term growth prospects for the industry are positive. Three significant infrastructure projects are either completed or currently underway in Queensland to support the ongoing growth of the cruise market along the Queensland coast.

  • Ports North completed the Cairns Shipping Development Project, which included the widening and deepening of Trinity Inlet to allow larger cruise ships of up to 300m in length to dock. As a result of the project, they welcomed their first larger cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth in February 2020.
  • Port of Brisbane received approval from the Queensland Government for the $158 million Brisbane International Cruise Terminal at Luggage Point, at the mouth of the Brisbane River and construction of the new facility is now completed.
  • Port of Townsville is undertaking a significant port expansion project that includes channel works and berth construction in 3 stages.

Also consider...

  • Find out about the Australian Cruise Association, the peak cruise industry association dedicated to making the Australia-Pacific region a world-class base and destination for cruise vessels.