Tourist drive sign application

Tourist drive signs direct visitors along a section of road that provides some tourism or scenic value.

Before applying for or renewing a tourist drive sign you must meet all core criteria.

Core criteria for tourist drive signs

Signs may be provided for tourist drives that comply with the following conditions:

  • the route must have significant tourism and/or scenic appeal, including a reasonable frequency of quality tourist attractions to maintain the interest of the visitor
  • the route must not be based on attractions which are strictly seasonal or are not a permanent feature of the route
  • the route must allow for the safe passage for private vehicles at all times (avoiding hazardous alignments or grades, or single lane roads)
  • the route must be suitably maintained roads, preferably sealed, which are also capable of handling the volumes of traffic attracted to the route
  • promotional material (for example, a map, brochure or online material) covering the drive and attractions must be developed and made available through Visitor Information Centres and other outlets on an ongoing basis
  • the tourist drive should be listed on the Queensland Holidays website. Information relating to tourist drives is updated through the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse by relevant regional tourism organisation and through the Queensland Holiday website
  • the route must have been promoted for a period of at least 12 months
  • it is expected tourist drives will not occur on motorway type roads
  • the route must have linkages to state or local government strategic priorities (for example, tourism destination plans).

If you are granted approval for tourist drive signs, you will be required to pay for sign design, manufacture and installation.

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