Applying for a tourist or service sign

You can apply for a tourist or service sign to guide visitors to your attraction or service if you meet certain requirements and criteria. This applies to all signage on state-controlled roads.

The types of tourist and service signs you can apply for are:

  • tourist attraction sign (white on brown)
  • service sign (white on blue)
  • tourist drive signs
  • welcome signs.

Your application will be assessed by the Queensland Government on road and traffic considerations, with the Regional Tourism Organisation providing advice on tourism merit for tourist attraction, accommodation services and tourist drive signs. Proposed tourist and service signs will only be considered if road safety and efficiency will not be compromised.

If your application is successful, you must pay for sign design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. If you close or move your business, you may be required to pay for sign removal.

The aim of tourist and service signs is to guide tourists to their destination, not to market your business.

This guide explains how to apply for or renew a tourist or service sign approval, and potential costs for sign installation, maintenance and removal.