The warning signs - video transcript

In this High stakes responsible service of gambling (RSG) interactive training video - The warning signs, we show what to look for when a patron could be a problem gambler.

[Seen from the staff member's perspective, he walks around the gaming area of the venue, collecting coin cups and glasses from various patrons. At different times he sees the same patron sitting at the same gaming machine.]

[Staff member]


Here, I'll take that. Thank you!

[The patron approaches another patron who is sitting at 'his' machine and has just won a payout.]


No, no, no, no, no!

[Staff member's inner voice]

What's going on here?


Oh, that's my win!

[Staff member]

Oh, no, here we go...


He's seen me here! Just ask him!

['How did we get here? Were there warning signs? What could you have done differently?' appears on screen.]

[The video cuts to an earlier time—'two days ago' appears on screen. The staff member sees the patron at the same machine.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

Geez, that guy's keen!

It's after 3 and he's still at the same machine...

[The staff member collects glass from another patron.]

[Staff member]


[The staff member sees the patron again and checks his watch.]

['What did you see?' appears on screen.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

He's been at that machine all day...

He was here a couple of days ago too...

[The video cuts to a day later—'yesterday' appears on screen.]

[The staff member almost walks into the patron after they get money from an ATM.]

[Staff member]

Oh! Sorry!

[The staff member collects a glass from another patron.]

Here, let me grab that for you. Thanks!

[The staff member sees the patron coming back from the ATM again.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

That's at least the third time he's been to the ATM today.

I don't know his situation, but something's not feeling right.

I should have a chat with him and see if he's ok.

[Staff member]

Hi mate, how's your day going?


The only thing paying out in this place is the ATM!

At least I've paid your wages for the week, ey!

['What did you notice?' appears on screen.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

Now, he might just be joking but he could also have a real problem.

I need to keep an eye on him.

[The video cuts to the next day—'today' appears on screen.]

[The staff member repeats the original scene, entering the venue for work and collecting cups.]

[Staff member]


[The staff member sees the patron at the same machine.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

That guy's back again and he was here till close last night…

[The patron leans over to the patron at the next machine.]


Hey, do you mind if I have a couple dollars?

[Other patron]


Pay out damn you!

[Staff member's inner voice]

Alright, this guy looks like he might have a gambling problem, a lot of the signs are there.

He's also starting to impact other patrons.

I need to do something.

[Staff member]

Hey, excuse me, is everything OK, mate?

Maybe you want to take a breather.

How about you come with me and I'll sort out a tea or coffee for you?

And, while I'm at it, I'll get someone you can have a chat with, too.

[The scene fades to black as 'Be aware', 'Know your role' and 'Know your options' appears on screen.]

Watch the High stakes RSG interactive training video - The warning signs.


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