Respect and refer - video transcript

In this High stakes responsible service of gambling (RSG) interactive training video - Respect and refer, the staff member encounters the patron's wife looking for her husband. The staff member respects the patrons right to privacy while offering the patron's wife helpful information about support.

[Staff member to other staff member]

Cheers, Lisa!

[The staff member walks through the bar and notices a responsible service of gambling poster. He then moves through the gaming area collecting glasses from patrons.]

Are you finished with that? Thanks!


I'll grab your glass, thanks.

[The staff member sees a woman approaching various patrons.]

[Patron's wife]

Excuse me, have you seen my husband? He's tall, dark hair.

Excuse me, I think my husband was in here last night. Were you in here last night?

[The patron's wife sees the staff member and approaches him.]

Oh! I'm looking for my husband.

He hasn't been home and I know he's been coming here. His name's Jim. He's tall, he's got dark hair... You must have seen him.

[Staff member]

Yeah, I know who you mean. I see him here all the time. He's usually here for hours and hours. I haven't seen him around today. He's usually in by lunch, though.

[Jim's wife]

I knew it!...

[The scene pauses and 'That's not a good start.', 'What are your responsibilities?' and 'What could you have done differently?' appear on screen.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

I do know who she's talking about, but I need to be respectful of our customers' privacy. I don't know what his situation is—or hers. I need to be careful what information I share.

[Staff member]

Sorry, I see a lot of faces coming through. I can't help you there.

[Jim's wife]

Well, if you can't help me, I'll find someone who can!

[Jim's wife turns in frustration and walks away and the scene pauses.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

Hm... That's no good. I can't just turn her away. I need to diffuse the situation and give her some options for help. But first I need to take her somewhere a bit more quiet.

[The video rewinds to earlier in the conversation.]

[Staff member]

You know, I think I can offer some help. Why don't you come with me, and I'll get you some information I think will make a difference. There's a free helpline that you can call that's great for people in your situation.

While I'm grabbing the number, I'll get Steph, our Customer Liaison Officer. She can have a chat with you about other options like 'venue' and 'self-exclusion'.

[The scene fades to black as 'Be aware', 'Know your role' and 'Know your options' appears on screen.]

Watch the High stakes RSG interactive training video - Respect and refer.