Respect and refer—video transcript

In this High stakes responsible service of gambling (RSG) interactive training video—Respect and refer, a staff member encounters a patron's wife, who is looking for her husband. The staff member respects the patron's right to privacy while offering the patron's wife helpful information about support.

[Staff member to another staff member]

Cheers, Lisa!

[The staff member walks through the bar and notices a responsible service of gambling poster. He then moves through the gaming area collecting glasses from patrons.]

Are you finished with that? Thanks!


I'll grab your glass, thanks.

[The staff member sees a woman (the patron's wife) approaching various patrons at poker machines.]

[Patron's wife]

Excuse me, have you seen my husband? He's tall, dark hair.

Excuse me, I think my husband was in here last night. Were you in here last night?

[The patron's wife sees the staff member and approaches him.]

Oh! I'm looking for my husband. He hasn't been home and I know he's been coming here. His name's Jim. He's tall, he's got dark hair. You must have seen him.

[Staff member]

Yeah, I know who you mean. I see him here all the time. He's usually here for hours and hours. I haven't seen him around today. He's usually in by lunch, though.

[Jim's wife]

I knew it!

[Video action freezes and these statements/ questions appear on screen: That's not a good start. What are your responsibilities? What could you have done differently? Pause button appears to allow time for group discussion.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

I do know who she's talking about, but I need to be respectful of our customers' privacy. I don't know what his situation is, or hers. I need to be careful what information I share.

[Staff member]

Sorry, I see a lot of faces coming through. I can't help you there.

[Jim's wife]

Well, if you can't help me, I'll find someone who can!

[Jim's wife turns in frustration and walks away and the scene pauses. Pause button appears to allow time for group discussion.]

[Staff member's inner voice]

Hm... That's no good. I can't just turn her away. I need to diffuse the situation and give her some options for help. But first I need to take her somewhere a bit more quiet.

[The video rewinds to earlier in the conversation.]

[Staff member]

You know, I think I can offer some help. Why don't you come with me, and I'll get you some information I think will make a difference. There's a free helpline that you can call that's great for people in your situation.

While I'm grabbing the number, I'll get Steph, our Customer Liaison Officer. She can have a chat with you about other options like 'venue' and 'self-exclusion'.

[The scene fades to black as these messages appear on screen: 'Be aware', 'Know your role' and 'Know your options'. Next frame states: for more information visit: Video ends on Queensland Government logo.]

Watch the High stakes RSG interactive training video—Respect and refer.