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Commercial logbook monitoring

All commercial fishers and harvesters, from trawler operators to ocean beach fishers and beachworm collectors, must contribute data about their daily catch, the location fished, and the time spent fishing. They have a legal obligation to record this information in a compulsory daily logbook.

The successful management of any fishery requires accurate information on species, catch and fishing effort. The fisheries that operate in Queensland face challenges similar to those experienced by other fisheries throughout Australia and the world, such as sustainability, resource sharing and economic viability of the operators.

A comprehensive and continuous series of catch and effort data from commercial fishery logbooks provides the basis for:

  • scientific stock analyses when used in conjunction with other biological data (e.g. recruitment studies or effects of closures)
  • economic analyses
  • descriptions of current fishing activity
  • short- and long-term trends in the spatial and temporal distributions of fishing activity
  • responsible management and administration.

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  • Similar information about catch and effort is also collected from the recreational sector using periodic statewide surveys.
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